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DietOrganizer for BlackBerry

DietOrganizer running on BlackBerry - Food Log Chart Screen

The easy to use diet diary that you can carry with you.

DietOrganizer for BlackBerry is an easy to use yet powerful diet diary.

Record food intake, track your weight and see the results graphically on our customizable chart.

Add your own foods plus make new foods from lists of existing ingredients.


  • Tracks Calories, Carbohydrate, Protein and Fat.
  • Food database, with common portion size and weight conversions
  • Weight tracking
  • Set nutritional goals
  • Charting
  • Create menus of frequently used foods to speed entry.

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Food Log screen

Easy to use Food Log

The food log shows your daily food intake broken down and subtotaled by meal.


  • Cut, copy and paste multiple lines between days
  • Copy days
  • Mark lines to make new foods or menus
  • View nutrient summary
  • Expand/Contract Meals

Search options menu

Category search screen

Fast Food Search

Find foods by category or by text search.
Name search finds foods by multiple search words:

Search for Enter
orange juice

or ju

cucumber cu
apple pie ap pi
peanut butter pea but

Create new foods and add them to the database on the fly by using the 'New Food' option, or for one off entries simply choose 'Quick Entry' option to log foods eaten without having to enter a new food definition.

Automatic Favorites record the foods you've used before for quick access under the 'Favorites' category.

Menus allow you to group commonly used foods for quick inclusion in your log.


Chart screen

Simple Charting

Customize the chart to show the information you're interested in.


  • Plot multiple values (e.g Calories and Fat)
  • Set number of days to plot
Daily summary screen

Summary Screen

Daily summary of your food intake, showing Calories, Carbohydrate, Protein, Fat and Body Weight.


Please Note: This version is a standalone program, it does not sync with DietOrganizer PC.